JohannesburgsDeep in the heart of Johannesburg is a catering company specialising in the hire of party equipment. The company is old yet is modern enough to cater for today’s trends.

Queens Hiring was established in Johannesburg in 1956. It started out servicing the local area with items such as tables, chairs crockery and cutlery. Queens hiring over the years have made good friends with people and companies, who have remained faithful clients to this day. Just as Queens Hiring has been handed down from father to sons, so to have clients inherited the good name and reputation of Queens Hiring from their forefathers.

Moosa Daya has 30 years of experience in the industry and most of his training has been achived through his dad and the legacy goes on. Before long, Queens Hiring started working further a field. Today, the company is working not only in South Africa but also in Botswana. All in house Equipment & vehicles are stored in a well secured and maintained 2000m2 Warehouse.